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Istanbul Comedy Festival

It will take place from 13 October to 3 November!

Setting the trends of the humor scene across Turkey and preparing the ground for alternative and avant-garde projects, BKM is also the creator of Turkey’s first international comedy festival, “The Istanbul Comedy Festival”.

Carefully following the latest universal inclinations in culture and arts, BKM aims to bring a new vibe to Istanbul’s city culture by welcoming the most prominent national and international names of the humor scene within the scope of the “Istanbul Comedy Festival” organized since 2016. With its ever-changing and improved calendar every year, the Istanbul Comedy Festival aims to produce and enhance creative elements that embrace all aspects of comedy on an international platform and prepare the ground for a long-lasting and traditional structure, similar to that of other ongoing international comedy festivals.

The festival, scheduled to take place with the participation of many local and international renowned comedians, offers a broad range of events from humor-related exhibitions to pleasant comedy shows and panels with renowned names of the humor scene to screenings of comedy features.

“Istanbul Comedy Festival” will bring laughter to the whole city between 13 October - 03 November 2019.



Doğaçlama Tiyatro Ligi
22 October Tuesday 2019
Kahkaha Yogası
22 October Tuesday 2019
Alper Kul - "Alper yine HAMİLEYİM!"
22 October Tuesday 2019
Suzan Kardeş - Suzan'a Geldiler
22 October Tuesday 2019
23 October Wednesday 2019

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