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Everything changes overnight!

Cenk has just arrived back to Istanbul from the United States. Suppressed love slowly begins to resurface after he encounters Ece, a woman whom he had a romantic relationship with in the past. Suddenly, there is a robbery attempt in a quiet and gloomy house, which results in a crime being committed. Ece flees the scene of the crime and in comes Faruk, Cenk’s best friend and Ece’s fiancé. The two best friends struggle to keep their secrets hidden from one another. Intertwining chain of events follow as these three urban lives are put to the ultimate test, their sufferings and disappointments exposed for all to see.



  • Nehir Erdoğan
  • Nehir Erdoğan
  • Tardu Flordun
  • İlker Kaleli
  • Esra Bezen Bilgin
  • Serkan Keskin
  • Aytaç Uşun


  • Director Ozan Açıktan
  • Producers Necati Akpınar, Tunay Vural
  • Script Cem Akaş, Ozan Açıktan, Faruk Özerten
  • Story Cem Akaş
  • Production Design Yaşar Kartoğlu
  • Director of Photography Ahmet Sesigürgil
  • Executive Producer Faruk Özerten
  • Editing Erkan Erdem
  • Music Burak Güven
  • Art Director Murat Uçan
  • Make Up Artist Cafer Yeşil
  • Costume Design Pınar Zeynep Akyürek
  • Casting Harika Uygur


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