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Born in an old Istanbul mansion, Gülseren is a child who shows her difference everywhere she goes since primary school age. Her father Nazif and fireflies are the two most important things in Gülseren's life. Nazif tries to trade but he can’t make the cut. Whatever the consequences, Gülseren stands by her father in all his investments. She also honors her father’s memory by eating the silverberries inherited from her father’s last business venture. Her mother Iclal does not accept that Gülseren has a different personality, and wants her to be an ordinary girl and then a young woman with nothing unusual. The first and clearest attempt of her mother to achieve this is to give Gülseren away. A family comes to see Gülseren and she manages to kick the family out with a clever plan to avoid an arranged marriage. However, things change when she loses her most favorite person in life, her father. Now, Gülseren, who is oppressed by her mother having nobody at her side to help her, gets married like every young woman of her age. She ends her marriage due to domestic violence and gets back to the family mansion. As she gets to know Dündar, whom she met by chance, she discovers that he can also see fireflies. As she loses every man she loves from the heart, she loses Dündar forever after he goes into combat in the military. However, she promises to love him until the end of time. Gülseren and Iclal, going through hard times financially, rents out the rooms of the mansion. One day her mother’s heart stops beating during an argument and Gülseren becomes all alone. From that day on, nursing home days begin. While Gülseren conveys her story to the reporters, she stands against the uniformizing education system, the social order that sanctifies marriage, blind obedience, and humanity which has become isolated with globalization and technological developments. Doing all of this with her intelligence and unique approach, she also mirrors our common story.



  • Ecem ERKEK
  • Devrim YAKUT
  • Engin ALKAN
  • Merve DİZDAR
  • Atakan ÇELİK
  • Ushan ÇAKIR
  • Bülent ÇOLAK
  • Ahmet Rıfat ŞUNGAR
  • Bora AKKAŞ
  • Beyti ENGİN
  • Fatih ÖZKAN
  • Ilgaz KAYA
  • Özlem TOKASLAN
  • Rıza AKIN
  • Caner ALKAYA
  • Celal TAK
  • Asuman DABAK
  • Ülkü DURU
  • Sinan BENGİER
  • and Yılmaz ERDOĞAN


  • Scenario Yılmaz ERDOĞAN
  • Director Andaç HAZNEDAROĞLU
  • Practitoner Producer Selim YILDIRIM
  • Cinematographer Hayk KİRAKOSYAN (RGC,GYD)
  • Music Jingle Jungle
  • 'Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?' Thema Metin KALENDER
  • Art Director Nilgün NALÇACI
  • Costume İnci KANGAL ÖZGÜR
  • Editing Aziz İMAMOĞLU
  • Sound Design Supervisor Mustafa DURMA
  • Sound İntepe Sound - Samet KILIÇ

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