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King Shakir: Land of Pirates

A favorite of audiences of all ages, King Shakir is ready to take you to a whole new adventure.

A giant, prehistoric creature emerges from the deepest part of the ocean and approaches the city. The only force that can defeat the monster is a golden cannon. Shakir and his family set out to find the golden cannon, but things go wrong and they get trapped in a mysterious sphere in the Bermuda Triangle. This mysterious region hides a fantastic universe where pirates roam and monsters exist. Will Shakir and his family find the golden cannon as soon as possible and stop the creature before it reaches the city?



  • Atilla Şendil
  • Levent Ünsal
  • Mustafa Oral
  • Didem Atlıhan
  • Sema Kahriman
  • Hakan Akın
  • Onur Akgülgil

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