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Naples in Veils

A story of mystery, crime and love from Ferzan Özpetek…

A story of mystery, crime and love from Ferzan Özpetek, in a Naples suspended between magic and passion, madness and rationality!

Adriana meets Andrea, an attractive and self-confident man, at a party in Naples. They spend the night together. Adriana thinks a great love that will change her life begins. Next day, Andrea doesn’t show up for the date. Afterwards, when going to work to perform an autopsy, Adriana finds a body, victim of a suspicious murder, right in front of herself. Finding herself at the center of a mysterious investigation, will Adriana be able to solve this ever deepening mystery?



  • Giovanna Mezzogiorno
  • Alessandro Borghi
  • Anna Bonaiuto
  • Peppe Barra
  • Biagio Forestieri
  • Luisa Ranieri
  • Maria Pia Calzone
  • Carmine Recano
  • Angela Pagano
  • Maria Luisa Santella
  • Loredana Cannata
  • Lina Sastri
  • Isabella Ferrari


  • Director Ferzan Özpetek
  • Producers Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli
  • Right Holder in Turkey BKM


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