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With the hope that the pandemic is coming to an end, Didem has been prepping for a New Year’s Eve celebration for over a month. All her family and loved ones can finally get together and make up for the lost time. But the lockdown announcement has her plans blown off course. Having spent the entire pandemic at home, Ozan is determined to let his wife have the celebration she deserves. First off he calls up to invite their close friend Serdar, who lives in the same neighborhood, and, his ex Seçilay, against all Serdar’s objections. Just after the call, Serdar runs into the Diva of Turkish Classical Music, Eftelya, in the neighborhood cafe. Serdar has no option but to invite the Diva and her assistant Timoş. Didem falls back into despair now that she has to deal with Eftelya’s madness. So Ozan’s only solution is to walk around the neighborhood and invite over neighbors they don’t know. First stop is eye-candy Togay’s house, whom the flirty daughter of the family, Ada, has laid eyes on. Ozan, with no way out, invites the mafia leader Önder, his young girlfriend Arzu and his bodyguard/nephew Selo. This is the perfect cover for Önder to avoid the hitmen after his family. At Doctor Ahmet’s house, Serdar and Ozan are instead greeted by gardener Ahmet and his wife Şükran, who are packing up stuff the doctors’ left behind. Ahmet gladly accepts the invite since he has nothing better planned but to eat scrambled eggs. At the same time, Serdar invites Alican and his wife Neslişah, the only one of her kind. The celebration starts off with music and fun but later turns into full chaos as the neighbors all bring their troubles to the table. As Ada has Togay in line with challenges she puts him up to, Ahmet has already started scheming to steal the cash stacked away in the bedroom. Instead of a highly anticipated proposal at the end of the night, Seçilay is now in shock following Serdar’s breakup talk. While everyone doubts Neslişah to be a belly dancer, the bad blood from 20 years ago between Eftelya and Önder causes tension. As Ozan tries to hide all that’s happening from his wife Didem, he has his own test for the night: Putting the neighbors in line, restoring order and maintaining a flawless New Year’s Eve party. But can he succeed at a party when none of these people were meant to be together in the first place?



  • Alican Yücesoy
  • Alina Boz
  • Ayta Sözeri
  • Boran Kuzum
  • Büşra Pekin
  • Cengiz Bozkurt
  • Derya Karadaş
  • Emir Benderlioğlu
  • Fatih Artman
  • Gülse Birsel
  • İrem Sak
  • Kubilay Tunçer
  • Nazmi Sinan Mıhçı
  • Serkan Keskin
  • Şebnem Bozoklu
  • Zeynep Güngör


  • Scenario Gülse Birsel
  • Director Ozan Açıktan
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Executive Producer Faruk Özerten
  • Executive Producers Mahir Altundağ - Onur Çakır
  • Director of photography Alp Korfalı
  • Music Jingle House
  • Art Director Burak Yerlikaya
  • Fiction Çağrı Türkkan
  • Costume Baran Uğurlu
  • Sound İntepe Ses - Samet Kılıç
  • Chief of Light Kadir Yazıcı
  • Set Supervisor Sadun Demirkapu
  • Makeup Design Ülker Mutlucan
  • Hair Design Gürhan Kalay


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