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Overnight Republic

An absurd world where the laughter never stops!

Peker Mengen wins the post of mayor in a remote town with the promise of a visit by the prime minister and making the town a province. When the people do not forget his promise, Mengen ends up persuading the prime minister to visit the town with his idiosyncratic methods. After consulting with his advisors, Peker prepares a grandiose welcome ceremony, but when the ceremony gets out of his control, the town of 5000 people suddenly ends up becoming a country, one that is at war with America. As Peker Mengen, his unwillingly married wife Mualla and his advisors try to keep America at bay and struggle with the difficulties of establishing a new country, they even get the help of an alien to achieve their goals.

An absurd comedy with a screenplay by the team of writers for the TV comedy show Güldür Güldür, Republic of Cologne marks the directorial debut of Murat Kepez from the same team. Starring Çağlar Çorumlu and Büşra Pekin, Republic Of Cologne will take you to an absurd world where the laughter never stops!



  • Çağlar Çorumlu
  • Büşra Pekin
  • Mahir İpek
  • Uğur Bilgin
  • Ersin Korkut
  • Gülhan Tekin
  • Öner Ateş
  • Hakan Ummak
  • Patrycja Wıdlak
  • Hamza Yazıcı
  • Malcolm Keıth Kay
  • Ali Fuat Onan
  • Arif Susam


  • Director Murat Kepez
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Scriptwriter Murat Kepez, Eray Akyamaner, Sıla Çetindağ, Uğur Gövercin, Ayberk Sak, Şükrü Özbey
  • Director of Photography Özgür Eken
  • Art Director Vahit Yazıcı
  • Editing Çağrı Türkkan, Akın Denizli
  • Sound Levent İntepe Ses
  • Cast Director Mine Güler
  • Second Director Ayberk Sak
  • Line Producers Nazife Cantürk – Ferat Bilgin
  • Music Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç
  • Costume Design Seçilay Doğan
  • Sound Design Supervisor Ulaş Ağce
  • Hair and Make-up Design Derya Ergün

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