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Another Chance

Every Thursday at 20:00 on Show TV!

Most of the time, life comes as it knows. It is the same for Sadi Payaslı, Ankara’s indomitable bully. Sadi Payaslı’s past will follow him in Karabayır High School, where he was appointed as a geography teacher, leaving his dirty past behind. One of the children who came to Karabayır High School from the reformatory has a very special meaning for Sadi. But both are unaware of this. Another thing that Sadi Payaslı is not aware of is, the love and interest of Songül, the unruly policeman of the Public Security Branch, with whom he came from Ankara. Moreover, his life will turn into a dead end when he confronts her beloved Derya, whom he left behind unintentionally 17 years ago but never forgot. But with his unshakable sense of justice, he will balance his life and take care of 5 convicted students from the reformatory.



  • Ertan Saban
  • Özge Özberk
  • Devrim Özkan
  • Nilsu Berfin Aktaş
  • Mustafa Açılan
  • Özgü Delikanlı
  • Ayşe Kırca
  • Sanem Babi
  • Onur Özer
  • Rojbin Erden
  • Ali Berge
  • Melisa Bostancıoğlu
  • Murat Göçmez
  • Furkan Murat Uğur
  • Mehmet Deniz Sarıkaş


  • Project Design and Script Gani Müjde
  • Script Writers İbrahim Emre Bülbül, Burak Kumdakçı, Necip Güleçer
  • Director Altan Dönmez
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Practitioner producer Nükhet Karvanlı
  • Director of Photography Hakan Gencan
  • Music Saki Çimen-Uğur Ateş
  • Art Director Aynur Topalak
  • Fiction Bülent Taşar
  • Costume Ömer Özcan
  • Sound İntepe Ses

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