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Tutar Mı Tutar

I think we're on TV series!


Close friends Cemal and Ayhan wake up one morning to find themselves as the protagonists of a neighborhood series. The duo, who don’t remember anything about their past, encounter their families, lovers, friends and even enemies they have never been acquainted with in this unfamiliar neighborhood, before even getting over the shock of falling into the TV series. Cemal and Ayhan, searching for a way out of this place while trying to handle the situation on the other hand, face the fact that they are the protagonists of this neighborhood. Cemal and Ayhan are the owners of the Umut Movie Theater and the neighborhood’s only hope is this open-air movie theater, which will screen its first motion picture the following day. The Umut Movie Theater is a new spark of hope for the neighborhood and a step that will ruin the plans of Kemal – the bad guy of the series.
Occupied with the search for a way out of this place, the only remedy for Cemal and Ayhan is the termination of the series and in Cemal’s case, the finale of the series depends on an “Impossible Love Reaching a Happy Ending”. The impossible love Cemal seeks is no one other than Süreya, the daughter of Kemal, who is his father’s former blood brother and present blood enemy. Moreover, the fact that their fathers are enemies is only one of the reasons that make this love affair impossible. As Kemal tries to sabotage the opening of the movie theater together with the neighborhood’s ruffian Tahir, Cemal, unaware of this situation, waits for Süreya to attend the opening. In the end Süreya is a rescue ticket for Cemal and Ayhan. However, it never occurs to Cemal that he will truly fall in love with Süreya at first sight.



  • Paşhan Yılmazel
  • Cahit Gök
  • Ceyda Ateş
  • Su Kutlu
  • Zeynep Kankonde
  • Hilmi Özçelik
  • Rıza Sönmez
  • Selen Uçer
  • Ferdi Sancar
  • Caner Alkaya
  • Celal Tak
  • Barış Aytaç
  • Ahmet Kürşat Öçalan
  • Bahadır Efe
  • Açelya Özcan
  • Kerem Muslugil

Series Crew

  • Writer Erkan Ersezer
  • General Story Şenol Sönmez - Erkan Ersezer
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Gaffer Ali Asker Yıldırım
  • Administrative Coordinator Zeyno Sürek
  • Art Director Naz Erayda
  • Assistant Director Ezgi Çil
  • Line Producer Fatmanur Sevinç
  • Director of Photography Cengiz Fazlıoğlu
  • Music Cem Arman - Barış Diri

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