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5'er Beşer

Classes were never so hilarious!


Academic Aziz Güngör Esen (Ali Sunal), who wants to make his classes more attractive, decides to animate the lecture subjects. However, with the unskilled, naïve and ambitious students of the theater club, this endeavor turns into a jigsaw puzzle… The increasing jealousies and fights among İsmail (Alper Kul) – a fan of his lecturer, believing this is the project of his life, Bengisu (Mine Tugay) – elegant and professional actress, Sinem (İrem Sak) – a girl of her neighborhood, Hakkı (Okan Çabalar) – smart roughneck, start to reflect on the interviews between classes…



  • Aziz Güngör Esen Ali Sunal
  • İsmail Alper Kul
  • Sinem İrem Sak
  • Hakkı Okan Çabalar
  • Bengüsu Mine Tugay

Program Crew

  • Director Meltem Bozoflu
  • Writers Murat Kepez, Nisan Hakan Özkan, Caner Karaaydın, Levent Pala
  • Assistant Director Tuğçe Soysop
  • Art Director Tuğçe Akbulut
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • General Coordinator Elif Yakarçelik
  • Music Cem Özkan

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